Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is required for the system to work?

All you need is a home phone. When the system is activated, the medical alert unit will call a private 800 number that connects directly one of our two response centers.

Your call will be answered within a few seconds by a Response Care specialist that has been certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) board. 100% of our care specialist are certified by the CSAA.

2. How does the Service / Product work?

When you place your order, we will ship you a medical alert unit for free using UPS Ground shipping that includes either a necklace or wrist pendant.

When the button is pressed on the pendant, the medical alert unit immediately calls our 24×7 Response Center located in Ohio. Our medical emergency trained Response Care Specialists will talk with your Loved One to determine if the call is a Test or if immediate help is needed.

On your Patient Care Plan (that we send to you when you order), you will tell us if you want the Emergency Paramedics called first OR a family member / caregiver / neighbor that are on your contact list to be called first. It is your choice.

Most families choose to have a nearby family member, care giver, or neighbor called first. Others have the paramedics called first when the health of the senior is very poor. Again, it is your choice.

If the call is an Emergency, the Response Care specialist will call either the Emergency Paramedics OR immediately begin calling your contacts on the Patient Care Plan. If we can NOT talk to anyone live on your Contact List, we will always call the Emergency Paramedics.

When we are calling your contact list, the contact person can authorize us to call Emergency Paramedics in case they are not able to respond in a timely manner.

If Emergency Personnel are dispatched to the client’s home, our Response Center specialist will communicate to the Emergency Technicans any medical history, allergies, medications or other conditions that you provided to us on the Patient Care Plan. This helps accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of your Loved One.

It the call is an emergency, we will stay on the phone with you Loved One until help arrives.

3. What is the Patient Care Plan?

When you sign up for service, we will send you a short 2 page Patient Care Plan document.

This form asks for medical history, allergies, medication and any other medical conditions you would like the Paramedics to know about in case they are dispatched to the residence.

This form also asks for a contact list of names and phone numbers of who you want us to contact first, second, third, etc. in case of an emergency.

We will email you the form to you once you place your medical alert order. You can complete the form when you have time and then fax it back to our toll free 800 number.

If you need to change or update your contact list or medical history information, just simply give us a call and tell the customer care specialist the patient’s name, patient’s phone number and what information needs to change. It’s that simple.

4. Shipping

Shipping is FREE.

We use UPS Ground shipping and you should receive the equipment in 4 to 7 business days depending on the weather.

Be sure to keep the box for when you need to return the equipment.

As of April 30, 2012, shipping to Hawaii is an extra $20 and shipping to Alaska is an extra $15.

5. Installation

Installation is very simple. There are 4 simple steps.

   Step 1     Take the unit out of the box and place in the center of a room.
   Step 2     Plug the phone cord into a phone jack in the wall.
   Step 3     Plug into an electrical outlet for power.
   Step 4     Push the button on the pendant (firmly) to test the equipment.

There is no on/off button on the device, so it is always on.

The unit also comes with a battery backup that will last up to 48 hours.

When you are activating your service, be sure to tell the Response Care Specialist that you are new and would like an overview of how the system works.

6. Pricing

The price you pay for the medical alert system is always the same; it will never increase. Your monthly price includes:

   FREE UPS Ground Shipping,
   FREE Activation,
   Unlimited Usage,
   Lifetime equipment replacement of the unit, and
   EITHER a Waterproof Necklace Pendant OR Wrist Pendant.

There is NO equipment to buy.

Most of our customers prefer the Necklace Pendant.

Will we bill you each month using a recurring credit card charge.

We accept both Master Card and VISA.    (We do NOT accept American Express or Discover (or Others).)

We also accept automatic checking account withdraws for an extra $1 per month fee.

7. I need to cancel my existing Service.

No problem. You can cancel the service at any time for any reason.

To cancel your service, please call 800 860 4230 between 7:30am and 4:30pm ET Monday – Friday.

When you call, please have the Patient’s name and home phone number ready. Be ready to write down a Return Authorization Number and a return mailing address. When we receive the equipment back, your payments will immediately stop. It’s that simple!

8. Where are you based?

We have two Response Centers in Ohio.

Our Response Centers are on separate Power Grids, use separate Long Distance Telephone Networks and have separate computer systems for extra redundancy!

We have emergency generation power that can keep our Response Center and Telephone system operating for days in case we lose power!

Your call will always be handled by a live person inside the United States. We do NOT send any of our calls overseas!

9. Why is your pricing so inexpensive compared to your competitors?

Martin Care Services is the Internet reseller of a major national medical alert service provider. Through our low cost Internet based distribution model, we are able to pass the savings to you because of our low overhead. The ‘big guys’ do not like to sell for a lower price to the public; but under a different brand name (like ours), they just want the customer volume which we can provide.

So, when you buy from us, you receive the exact same equipment with the exact same service but at a substantially lower monthly cost. Just by using our service, you can save more than $400 in two years over Life Alert (R). It’s like buying the generic brand to save money, but receiving the leading brand quality!

Our Response Center has providing Medical Alert Services to seniors over 21 years.

Our Response Center has well over 120,000 seniors that are protected every day.

Our Response Center has A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our Response Center has the highest rating possible (5 Diamond) with the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA).

We have two Response Centers that are located in Ohio that operate 24×7 every day.

10. What is the range of your equipment?

Our medical alert unit can go to up 250 feet inside a house or up to 400 feet outside.

It is perfect for a multi-story house, in the basement or apartment that is less than 6,000 square feet in size.

It also works while gardening around the house or checking the mail in your mailbox.

It works on a different frequency (approved by the FCC) than your cordless home telephones.

11. Who should I put on my Contact List?

Most customers put a neighbor, care giver and family members that are close by.

We will ask you if the person on the Contact List has a key to the residence.

You can also provide family members that are not close by, but are required to be notified in case of an emergency.

Based on your address and zip code, our medical alert system already has the names, locations and phone numbers of all of the local emergency facilities in your area.

12. Non Emergency Calls

Our Response Center accepts NON Emergency calls at no additional cost to you.

During a non emergency call, your contact list will be called and not emergency personnel.

Examples of non emergency calls would be:
(1) a stranger is at the front door,
(2) dropped a plate and there is broken glass on the floor,
(3) going out to the mailbox to check the mail, etc.

You can activate the medical alert service (again at no cost to you) for non emergency situations and have the care specialist be with you or call a family member on your contact list on your behalf.

You can Test the equipment as often as you would like.

13. Do you accept Medicaid / Medicare?

I’m sorry, but both state and Federal programs do not pay for medical alert systems at this time. But please, call you Congressman and help us get this changed!

Beware! There are many companies that will tell you the equipment costs $300 or more, but if you give them your Medicare / Medicaid account number, they will give you the equipment for free as long as you pay for the service (at about $41 per month).

This is a scam!. Do NOT be fooled! The equipment is always free; they are decieving you to think that you are getting something for free when it was already free. You think you are getting a deal with your Medicare / Medicaid account, but you actually end up paying more per month than a completely equivalent low cost service like ours.

14. During an Emergency, who is called first?

You actually have a choice on who you want to be called first – either Emergency Personnel or your Contact List.

On the Patient Care Plan that we provide for you to complete, there is a place for you to state your Call First preference.

If a Response Care specialist cannot contact anyone live on your Contact List, we will always call 911 for you.

On the same Patient Care Plan, you will also tell us who you want us to notify AFTER an emergency is initiated and has been responded to appropriately. We will keep calling you until we talk with you live.

15. Will the system create a Long Distance phone charges?

You will NOT receive any Long Distance charges from your phone company for using the medical alert system.

When the system is activated, it calls a private toll free 800 number, so you will not receive any charges.

16. How do accept payments?

Payment is by credit card and we do automatic monthly charges until the service is cancelled.

We do NOT bill you in advance. Many companies advertise a low monthly price, but then bill you 12 months in advance. We advertise and bill you at a low monthly rate.

We accept both Master Card and Visa.     (We do NOT accept American Express or Discover.)

17. Do you accept automatic bank withdrawals?

Yes, we can take payments from your checking account.

There is an additional $1 per month charge for the service.

Please provide us your email address so we can email you the proper authorization forms.

18. Can I write you a check?

I’m sorry, but we do not accept checks.

We do accept both Master Card and Visa, and we only charge monthly payments on your credit card.

You need to be careful of other companies pricing as they will quote you a monthly price, but charge you 12 months up front.

If your only choice is to write a check, then you can buy the equipment ($169) plus pay a years service up front by check.

19. Can I get an extra pendant?

Yes, you can get an extra necklace or wrist pendant.

The cost is either an additional $4.99 per month OR a one-time flat rate of $35. Your choice.

20. What if I have a Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone?

No problem.

On your web order form OR when you call the toll free number, you will need state that you have a Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone because you will need a specialized equipment that is compatible with a VOIP phone. The oost of a VOIP compatible medical alert unit is $32.51 per month.

21. What if I do NOT have a home phone?

No Problem.

We also carry a cellular based medical alert unit. This product sells for $39.95 per month. It is NOT a mobile device, but it can work in your home as a medical alert unit without a home phone. It uses local cell phone towers to establish phone connectivity with the Response Center. There is no charge for usage.