How it Works


Martin Care Monitoring systems are easy to use, and installation is as simple as plugging your system into a phone plug and into an electrical outlet. Our alert systems come with either a necklace or bracelet pendant, and are waterproof for your convenience. You can get more pendants if you want; just give us a call. Below are the details of how the Medical Alert system works. The Martin system is also called a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS).

One Button Brings Many to Help You


Can’t Reach the Phone? No Problem, just Press your Button.

Once the button is pushed, it contacts the medical alarm speaker box, ringing our 24 hour emergency response monitoring center. We will know know that you are in trouble… and will open a “Voice to Voice” channel… Our operator can speak with you wherever you are in your home. You never need to touch your phone. We will talk to you through the Speaker Box. It has a very loud speaker, and a powerful microphone.

What Happens if You are too far away to Hear the Speaker on the Speaker Box?

If we can’t hear you…or it is clear that you can’t hear us, Martin Care will immediately contact the responders on your Contact List. We keep going down your contact list until we talk with a person live. If for some reason we can not reach any of your Contact List people live, we will dispatch 911 first responders. While the responders are on the way, we communicate any medical history, medications and any allergy information you provide to us in the Patient Care Plan to the responders. This helps the responders provider faster diagnosis and aid to your loved on in case of an emergency.

Your Family and Friends Want to Help you. We Make it Possible.

On your Patient Care Plan that we send you once you sign up for medical alert service, you provide a Contact List of family members, friends and neighbors. On that list, you tell us who is a Responder, Must Notify and who has a key. When the medical alert button is pressed, we will call your Contact List responders so they can respond to your loved one. If you do not have a friend, family member or neighbor close by, you may want to consider hiding a key with a key lock box. You can tell us the code to access the key and we can provide it to the Emergency Responders so they do not have to break and enter into the premise.

Is the System Complicated to Install?

Just plug it in and connect the phone jack (the same as any household telephone). It’s that simple.




Our national coverage is across the United States. Below is a short list of some of the cities we can provide coverage. If you have a home phone or have access to cell phone towers, we can support you.