How Medical Alert Equipment Works

At Medical Alert, we understand the need for straight forward, well designed equipment, easy to use right out of the box. Our medical alert equipment is designed to be ready to use and be easily installed by anyone. Our medical alert packages come with only two primary pieces of equipment. The first, and most important for the user, is the Medical Alert pendant, a wireless pendant worn around the neck (or attached to the wrist), and the home console station (a phone connection will be needed).

The Medical Alert Necklace

Our Medical Alert alert necklace/wristband has a wireless transmitter designed to be comfortably worn on your person 24/7. Both waterproof and durable, it can withstand everyday wear and tear. The pendant is pressed during and emergency, activating the base station and calling our monitoring center where help is standing by at all hours. Immediately, a two-way communication line is established between the wearer and the medically-trained professional in our center.

Medical Alert Buttons

Although most people prefer to use the medical alert necklace as the most convenient way to carry their emergency button, it is also available in other forms. You can also use it in a wristband, watch, or on a belt clip, which are the other most popular choices for emergency buttons. It is also possible to install medical alert buttons throughout the house, so you don’t have to carry the pendant with you, but you can reach for the closest button and press it for help. Although this generally works, wall-buttons can be more difficult when there is an emergency situation where the senior has fallen and cannot reach a medical alert button. Medical Alert Experts strongly recommends the use of a portable button.

Medical Alert Home Station

The Medical Alert home station is the connection to the operators and medical professionals in our center. It simply plugs into a phone jack. Our Medical Alert home station cover an area of 500 square feet, connecting with your Medical Alert button. Every equipment package includes easy to follow detailed instructions for installation and operation, with our hotline for technical support.