Are you safe in case of an emergency or accident?

Do you have a loved one living on their own, or with a medical condition that might need closer monitoring? Are you worried about their safety and wish there was a system that might help them and you, keep in touch with medical professional in case of an emergency? You need medical alert systems that can contact a medical personal in a matter a minutes, dispatching them in a time of need.

We Can Help You

We are Medical Alert, the most and comprehensive system available on the market today. Our medical alert alarms and medical alert devices can be a lifeline for those you need it, with 24 hour a day response that allows them to live on their own with confidence and comfort, and for their loved ones to have some peace of mind. Medical Alert can help you and family members choose the right medical alert alarms for based on need and concerns and the amount of mobility of the user. The med alert systems are designed to be simple and easy to use in case of an emergency.

How Medical Alert Works

The person wearing our medical alerts device, be it an medical alert pendant or wristband, simply presses the button in case of an emergency. Automatically they will be connected to our Medical Alert monitoring center who can then assess the problem and will quickly dispatch help, be it paramedics, the police, or the fire department. We also contact and alert family members to the status and known condition of the wearer, with updates on the arrival of the alerted service. Our device and system can make a huge impact on the quality of life in the wearers life and home, allowing them to maintain their independence. Medical Alert has responded to thousands of emergencies all across the country. You are safe when under our care.

The Medical Alert centers are staffed by professionals trained in medical emergencies, responding to calls at all times of the day or night. We also include medical workers at our monitoring center, something most medical alert companies don’t think is important, but can make a difference between life and death. Remember, medical emergencies aren’t 9-5, so we’re not. We are here for you and your loved ones anytime, day or night.