Safety Tips For Seniors

The number one cause of injury for the elderly is falling. In just the last year, nearly 38 million people were forced to visit emergency rooms across the nation due to injuries sustained from falling.

As you age falling down can be a serious risk and will need to be taken very seriously than before. A senior alarm system can a big step to ensure immediate help in the case of a fall injury. Medical professionals across the country agree that using alarms for and immediate alert in case of emergency can be a critical difference in saving a person’s life. A senior medical alert system, from Medical Alert, can help if a fall emergency should occur.

Medical Alert Systems Comparison

Are considering a medical alert systems or senior alarm? You should look at the various alarms for the elderly being offered and what they have that will fit your needs and lifestyle, and that of the person meant to wear and use the device.

Consider the monitoring system behind the emergency alert services. Are they reliable? Hoe long have they been in business? Do they offer staff medical professionals, or just phone operators? Is the service offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? The care you receive con only be as good as the service behind the system. Be sure to understand each system and provider carefully.

Here’s a few precautions you can take to make your home a safer for you or a loved one.

Safety  Tips


Pay attention to furniture arrangement. Make sure there is a clear, walkable path. If you use rugs, make sure they are secured with non slip backing.

Check all cords or wires running across the floor to make sure they are out of the way. See if they can be run under carpets, or taped down securely. Always keep floors clear of clutter

Stairs & Steps Always keep stairs clear of clutter and obstructions Have good lights on the stairs, with light switches at the top and bottom steps Keep the stairs in good repair


Move items used often low shelves, within easy reach Keep a sturdy step stool available. Do not use a chair to reach items

Bedrooms Keep a lamp near the bed If the path to the bed is dark, use night lights

Bathrooms Put a non-slip rubber mat into the bath tub to avoid the slippery surface Consider installing a grab-rail for the toilet and for the bath tub

Follow these few easy steps, and use caution and common sense, and you can avoid most serious falls.