Senior Safety Medical Alerts

Medical Alert is there when you need us the most.  We would prefer you not have to use us if you don’t have to.  So, we have put a few tips together to help you live a safer life while you are continuing your independent lifestyle.

Every year, in between 30% and 50% of all seniors are have a serious fall in their home.  I know this is an unpleasant statistic, but we take senior safety serious and the information needs to be out there for all family members to better understand how important it is to create a safe environment for the elders in their family. With the population of seniors growing quickly, there is a chance this statistic could climb quickly without the proper information supplied.

Normal security systems will not be able to help with many of the medical emergencies that can come about unannounced in regards to senior safety.  Medical alert systems are a great way to have protection when an emergency happens. But, what if we could do a few things that could help our elders be better protected from things like falling accidents that could be serious enough that would not allow them to get back up.  Let’s not take our senior safety lightly.

To help you provide a better environment for senior safety, here are a few things that can help remove an increased chance of a fall:

Eliminate throw carpets, which could easily get caught up on a shoe or perhaps shift whenever walked on.

Spend money on strong rails for tubs, showers, and walkways to the house.  If rails are not possible or likely to install easily, consider a walk-in tube.

Purchase non-slip plastic for your shower or tub floor.

Make sure that electric cords are removed from walk ways, hallways, and any area that could cause a trip hazard.  No matter if you think it is not a well traveled area or not.

Make sure that all wires are not frayed or in an area that may have contact to flammable material.

Increase lighting with non cord appliances that are easy to turn on and off.  Or, make sure they can turn on and off automatically.  Increase lighting in areas that are walked through or into that doesn’t have normal lighting supplied.

We know you may need a medical alert system to help provide a better place for senior safety, or we would not provide them to the market.  We do this hoping that they never get used, but know they do and help save many lives everyday.  So, we ask that you use these tips and other we provide when considering senior safety.